Innovation: Astrea Midwifery Centre

Innovation is a word that has really become part of Astrea over the years. We constantly work to improve our quality as a team, as a practice, and certainly in the professional field. In recent years, we have used courses and training to add to our knowledge and have expanded our care considerably as a result. 


In addition to offering pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum support, our team now also specializes in medical ultrasounds, fertility, healthy lifestyle, miscarriage counselling, and contraception. 


This is how we developed from the Astrea Midwifery Practice to the Astrea Midwifery Centre.
In addition, our team has been refreshed with the addition of Thin! 

A new logo

With the new composition of Astrea and the expansion of our services, we thought it was high time to give our house style and our website a complete overhaul. 

The logo is an illustration of a heart shape and an embryo. It symbolises security and the complete care of a new life for the child, mother, and partner before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Additionally, we worked to create a new website, new folders, photos, etc. Many months of preparation and work went into it, but we are so happy with the end result.