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Where do you want to give birth?

If no pregnancy complications arise, you can choose where you want to give birth: at home or in the hospital. Our advice is to give birth wherever you feel most comfortable, as this increases your chances of a pleasant delivery.  

With some living situations, such as an apartment building with no lift or a home with steep stairs, we recommend a hospital birth. 

Birthing centre

If there is no medical reason to give birth in a hospital and you don’t like the idea of giving birth at home, you can choose to give birth at Geboortecentrum Venlo. We will accompany you to the birthing centre and guide you through the labour process. 

Hospital birth

Sometimes there are medical reasons that call for a hospital birth, such as a breech baby or a previous caesarean section. During your appointment at the hospital, you will receive instructions on when to call when labour begins.

Home birth

Research has shown that home births are just as safe as hospital births in pregnancies without complications, from 37 weeks. A major advantage of a home birth is that you’re in a familiar environment. This can help you relax. If a medical situation arises during a home birth, we may recommend going to the hospital.