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Midwifery care

In Venlo and the surrounding area for counselling during your pregnancy, delivery & postpartum period, and/or for contraception

Astrea provides complete, loving, and professional care

We are a professional and close team that champions personal attention, care and quality.
By combining personal involvement with our professionalism, we offer high quality midwifery care. Besides guiding you through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, our team also specializes in medical ultrasounds, counselling on the desire to have children, leading a healthy lifestyle, counselling following a miscarriage, and contraception.
We are active in Venlo, Blerick, Velden, Lomm, and Arcen (in either the municipality or city respectively).

Why should you choose Astrea?

  • Do you want to have children?

    We specialize in preconception support for couples who want to conceive, and provide advice on how to quickly achieve a healthy pregnancy.

  • Personal counselling

    Astrea Midwifery Centre offers a safe environment for you and your partner so you can enjoy this special experience together.

    Childbirth as a special experience

  • Childbirth as a special experience

    We do this by encouraging you to trust your body and your own strength.

  • Postnatal care

    The postpartum period is wonderful, but can also be intense and challenging.

  • Preventing pregnancy

    We are specialized in contraceptives and can help you decide the best birth control method for you.

  • Counselling in case of miscarriage

    Unfortunately, not every pregnancy goes well. We have trained ourselves to give you the appropriate counselling you deserve.

So you discovered you are pregnant... what now?

If your pregnancy test is positive, please call us for an appointment. A referral from your GP is not required. However, it may be useful to inform your GP that you are pregnant.

  • The first check-up is usually scheduled to take place around the 8th week of pregnancy. During this check-up, we will make an ultrasound to verify the pregnancy.
  • Please tell us if you and your partner have any special wishes/expectations during the pregnancy.
  • We listen carefully to your needs and tailor our care accordingly.
  • During your appointment, you will receive an ultrasound scan at each check-up.



Huisartsenpraktijk Maasduinen Velden

Kloosterstraat 18

5941 ET Velden

Huisartsenpraktijk de Dolgaard Arcen

Kerkstraat 1

5944 AL Arcen